Kansas: The Do-It-Yourself State!

TOPEKA (April 21) - Years ago, Gov Sam Brownback slashed Kansas taxes, banking on a flood of new businesses moving to Kansas to make up any shortfalls. Mark Zuckerberg would be like, "low taxes AND genital bounties? Count Facebook in!" Part one (cut taxes) is going great. Kansas has been taking in less and less money like a goddam champ! Part two (flood of new business makes up losses) isn't going so hot. The KC Star reports a nearly $300 million budget shortfall for Kansas this year. Which means more cuts to services like schools, roads, etc etc. 

But where some people see collapse, we see opportunity! How about Kansas can be the "Do-It-Yourself State." Road not repaired? Roll up your shirt sleeves and fix it yourself! Schools closed? Start teaching kids! Someone without insurance needs life saving treatment? Just Google "taking out someone's appendix"! 

It will be a libertarian dream-land! Go, Kansas, go!