Canada's election of Justin Trudeau juxtaposed with this year's Trump-Cruz-Clinton train wreck has been making our northern neighbor look better each day. But moving can be such a pain. All those boxes.

So what if America just let Canada watch its government for a few years? The USA is so tense right now. It's grouchy, frazzled and probably just needs a vacation! America can take an election cycle off, let a handful of mounties kick it in the White House while the Land-of-the-Free gets a little R-and-R. Maybe America can take in a movie? A nice dinner? Spa treatment. Canada can do all the heavy lifting -- dinner, snack, nap, bed time -- while America kicks back, pool-side, and forgets all about the promise of walls and the issues of oligarch control.  

Think of as the sharing economy, government style! Do we really need 2 countries right next to each other passing laws? Let's just share Canada's laws for a little bit (they've got legal pot coming their way, wink-wink, nudge-nudge). It'll be like an Uber Legislature for America in Ottawa.

Then, in 2020, Canada can head back up north and America can take another crack at running this place. 

And if some new dumb-ass is still around and popular, then we can move to Canada.