Score one for Equality, Baby!

Just when we thought IRELAND was going to make American look regressive, the USA comes through big time -- with a big step toward greater equality in America. The country is finally entering modern times, or as we in Iowa call it, 2009! Thats when gay marriage was legalized by our state Supreme Court (unanimously, ahem, I might add). I was proud of my state not because I'm gay. On the contrary, I'm straighter than John Wayne. I am so straight I have a pair of blue TruckNutz hanging from my desk chair. I was proud because equality among all should always be our end goal. It is something that may never be fully achieved, but should be progressed toward. 

Equality before the law benefits us all -- gay, straight, black or white, religious wacko or rational religious wacko, etc etc. Even if you're not a member of a discriminated group, you don't want the machinery of government set to "discriminate" against anyone, because there is no guarantee that one day it won't set it's sights on you and your beliefs. 

Hopefully more legal equality will help facilitate equality and acceptance in day to day life. From prison and court reform to education, true equality in this country has a long way to go, but each step forward is a good thing. 

Score one for equality, baby!