Dylan Talks About Music and Stuff: Editorials

As a newly registered Republican, I'm an expert on media ethics and bias. That's why I support a petition calling for the Des Moines Register to "Close [its] Doors." Petition creator, Gage Welch, is a resident of Perry and a true patriot. Like me, he was furious upon reading the Register's editorial calling for Donald Trump to leave the presidential race.

When I read their editorial -- which was completely opinionated, BTW (by the way) -- I was furious. If there's anything that's certain in this world, it's that using the First Amendment to write an editorial urging someone to drop out of the presidential race is unjournalistic and really against the First Amendment. There's no better way to uphold Donald Trump's First Amendment rights to say crazy stuff than by telling a newspaper they have to shut down for using their First Amendment rights to not like Donald Trump's crazy stuff.

But apparently the Register editorial board wants nothing more than to inform voters about realistic candidates so some sort of "educated electorate" caucuses.

I've always considered myself pretty left-wing (I watched part of Brokeback Mountain), but I recently became a registered Republican to throw support behind current-Wisconsin governor and former-1960s experimental musician, Scott Walker. He's an inspiration to me on several levels. Last year's release, "Soused," was incredible, but I've always been partial to Walker's 2006 release "The Drift," in which he proudly claimed "I would punch a donkey in the streets of Galway."

Releasing music and running Wisconsin, all while living in England yet being originally from Ohio? Talk about qualified to run this great nation.