And Now We're Sewing Stuff!

Welp, in an effort to really run this place into the ground, we've taken on building a cut and sew operation! We still screenprint pre-made shirts (made in California), but we have started designing some fabrics, patterns, and then constructing items ourselves. With our bare hands! First up: a Pug Sweatshirt made of Neoprene for a smooth look that can also double as a koozie. Also a Patterned Kimono and a Peach Kimono made from soft, 100% cotton knit. They're only available in stores to start, and more products are coming!

Lauren, award-winning Iowa State fashion grad and pride of Ankeny, is almost a one-woman fashion facility. She designed our the initial items above and did a majority of the cutting and sewing from our secret "Special Operations" bunker beneath Lake Michigan. Actually, she works out of our off-site space about a block from our Des Moines store.  

 Initial sketches (skirts and sweater dresses coming soon!):

Other fabrics are ready to be turned into things that people can wear on their body: