Public Safety

After the Paris shootings, Governors across this great land declared a ban on Syrian refugees. You know, safety, etc etc. Though Governors don't have authority to ban refugees, their act did send a strong message: a violent minority's actions should reflect upon an entire population of people who vaguely resemble that minority. 

So any minute now, the citizens of Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, and Wisconsin (to name only 6) should expect a ban on immigrants from Colorado. 

Build a wall!!!

(PS: Illinois? You think Syrian refugees are going to be the biggest source of your problems .... ummmmm, you must not have read about some of the stuff currently going on in Illinois.)

At the very least, we should track Colorado residents' movements. Maybe put them all on a watch list. And if not the whole state, what about Colorado Springs? Not only did a total lunatic open fire at a Planned Parenthood over the weekend, killing 3, but a few weeks ago, a 21-year-old went on a shooting rampage in Colorado Springs, killing 4 innocent people

Talk about an alarming trend. Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, and Wisconsin not only have Planned Parenthood clinics inside our states, we also have innocent bystanders.

But with no wall and no watch list, Colorado residents could be roaming our states as we speak.

Something must be done! And by "something" we don't mean treating these things as complex issues to be addressed on a variety of levels -- from taking some action action, to toning down hateful rhetoric, to making structural changes in institutions that could help prevent these kinds of tragedies. We mean doing something like politically convenient public stances!