Tecmo Super Bowl

Yesterday I was listening to Murphy & Andy, the greatest radio show in Iowa. Keith Murphy mentioned he once saw The Beach Boys open up for Whitney Houston. He said that he hates "Kokomo" and that he was there with his girlfriend and Steve DeBerg. I instantly flashed back to 7th grade, where 38% of my entire year was spent playing Tecmo Super Bowl: "Steve De Berg" was the Chiefs' quarterback. Memmmories ..... I decided to write the story of Murph and DeBerg at that concert, told through Tecmo Bowl screen shots. This finally gave me an excuse to play Tecmo Bowl "for work." When I told my wife, "I need total silence, I've gotta score at least 6 touchdowns with Steve DeBerg on Tecmo Bowl for a RAYGUN thing," she said, "You gotta be f'ing kidding me. Your job is a joke." 


The End!!!!