Above is the view looking down the staircase from the 2nd floor to the ground floor in our new Cedar Rapids store. The gang at Superior Welding in Iowa City built that staircase in 2 giant sections and it really ties the room together. 

At over 4,500 square feet on 2 levels, this will be a bad-ass space. Lots of light, overlooking the lawn in front of NewBo City Market. 

There is about a week or so of work on the space (painting, trim, railings), then we'll start moving in displays and product. Opening will be somewhere around April 8th-12th.

The 2nd floor is almost finished, with just some trim remaining around the walls, then railing around the staircase opening. 

The view of NewBo City Market out the 2nd floor windows.  

The view from the 2nd floor, down the staircase to the ground floor. 

Where the 2 giant sections of stair and landing meet.

Superior Welding putting the last touches on the stairs.

The staircase from the East entrance on the ground floor.

Staircase from the West entrance. Dudes in red are painting the ground floor. 

And that's the outside!